Welcome to my blog! I call myself a game developer and I’d like to share my knowledge writing blog posts. I don’t know you but I do like rpg and strategy games a lot. So you might find some rpg-like-spice in my stuff, it is initially my doing :) Also, I self-publish my games, assets and more. Check more at Pinus Craft website.


Completed the Hacktoberfest 2019!

  • ~1 min read

The first time I heard about Hacktoberfest, it was in 2017. I had very little knowledge about programming but since then I followed the event every year and learned step by step git and how to make a pull request.

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MVC in Unity with Scriptable Objects Part 2

  • 4 min read

This part we will start to make some view elements to visualize item objects and an info panel to display item stats. A very basic inventory system as you guess. I’ll focus on inventory panel for this part and we will complete this series with finishing info panel in the next part.

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