I’m a Developer

who’s interested in game developing and 3d modelling. I’m also into indie RPG game dev and design. Firstly, I’ve stepped into game dev with 3d modelling(blender3d), then I’ve synthesized with programming and I’ve found unity3d. Now I’m proudly call myself as a full stack game dev, since I’ve certified from unity techlonogies in 2017, Feb.

Here, there are some samples from my early 3d and textured models.

I’ve worked at Nara EdTech. as a Unity Developer between Nov/2016 - Mar/2019. In here, I developed mobile apps with unity3d to Android platform. I’ve experienced a lot with AR/VR reletad field with Vuforia, Cardboard, GearVR. Also, I worked as an educator in courses organized by national development agency.

Now, since June/2019, I’ve started to build my very first indie mobile game combining with tower defence/rpg/idle elements. Development continues on itchio.

I’m a Student

Aside from academics, you could call me as a self-taught programmer.

I’ve been studying unity3d and programming related topics for 2 years with eternal passion and I’m trying to push further my skills if I may spare more free time.

I’m a Musician

I had some gigs with my amateur band when I was in collage and I believe, I’d be a pure musician if I could get a chance in my lifeline(I wish I could). I’ve been enjoying in home with my Fender Strat, a British style amp and some pedals, since I considered them as a hobby and no longer havin’ gigs anymore.

Check out my soundcloud!

I’d like to thank from deepst range of my heart to Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud and MySpace for providing good musics and bands.

I’m a Person

…because “intellectual” was too pretentious, “wild child” too facetious, and “strategy and rpg games enthusiast” too limiting.

I’m a nomadic candidate who would dying to be if he could find a chance and a true code lover.

Analog stomp-boxes and effect pedals are my true hobby.

In another lifetime, I would be a music journalists or cook.